Iowa '12 Iowa '12 Bill Law Bill Law in stock 1 hr race on his Baron? low racer 166039359 Chris Cortez Chris Cortez about to warm up on his low racer with a new bubble-type front fairing 166039360 'Cuda Sleek 'Cuda looks fast as it sits parked awaiting the 25 lap race 166039361 'Cuda Check 'Cuda gets a check-up from designer/builder/racer, Warren Beauchamp, due to a strange noise 166039362 Dennis' "Box" What was that "box" on Dennis G.'s handlebar? Apparently an aero enclosure for his speedo system (not a phone--texting while racing?) 166039363 Stock Leaders Leaders Dennis G. and Warren B. cruise through turn 166039364 Dennis, Warren, Dora Dennis & Warren pass Dora--not much frontal area on any of them! 166039365 Dennis & Warren Frontal Not much frontal area on either Dennis with his own low racer or Warren on a Nocom 166039366 Dennis leads Warren Dennis Grelk lead Warren Beauchamp early in the 1 hr race (not a time trial, so drafting was allowed), but Warren closed the gap here and hung on to Dennis' wheel 166039367 Dora Frontal Dora is pretty compact on her bike--probably helped her come in 3rd in the 1 hr race 166039368 Dora Cortez Dora Cortez on a Rick Gritter? low racer in the 1 hr race 166039369 Doug Greaser Doug Greaser on the backstretch of the oval during the 1 hr race 166039370 Doug & Rick Doug G. and Rick P. try to keep up with the low racers as they go through one of the ovals turns 166039371 Piranha Piranha in pits. Might have been last race for it. It is getting more ragged than the "engine". 166039372 Rick Paulos Rick Paulos rides a Linear in the 1 hr race 166039373 Bill & Doug Doug G. tries to catch Bill L. on a low racer during the 1 hr race 166039374 Bill Trike Bill Law on his trike in a hairpin turn (yes he raced 2 classes) 166039375 Tyger & Chris Tyger Johnson chases Chris Cortez through a hairpin turn in the trike race (I didn't know Tyger raced trikes--he has raced just about everything else--DF, cyclocross, etc.) 166039376 Dennis Trike Dennis Grelk takes a lean with his leaner trike in a hairpin turn during the trike race 166039377