Cheddar Challenge '15

Human-Powered Vehicle Races

Date--Sunday, July 26                                               Location--Ed Rudolph Velodrome, Northbrook, Illinois   (yeah, technically we're not in Wisconsin this year, but we can call it "Cheddar Challenge--South")

8 am              Registration and Practice


9 am              Murphy 1K Time Trials

                          (registration ends with the end of the 1 K runs--about 10:30 am)


10:30am        1 Hour Time Trial for Stock/Women/Tandem/Junior/Trike Classes                      

12 am            1 Hour Time Trial for Streetliner/Streamliner Classes                


1 pm            Awards

                          Prize for best overall 1K time

 Racers pay only $25 for the day (per class raced)--no license needed, and Juniors only $10

 Spectators are free! See details on Bryant Tucker 100 website below.

Wheel & Sprocket---Thank you for over 20 years of sponsorship!  

Our 22nd Year turned out great--check out the photos under the More Photos section

                    Sponsored by:          http://www.wheel&

                    Sponsored by:          http://www.wheel&

                    Sponsored by:          http://www.wheel&

Saturday is the Bryant Tucker 100 at Northbrook